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Research Paradigms

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 3070
Jiji Varghese

January 11 2012What assumptions are hidden in our world view y What assumptions do we make about nature of reality y What assumptions do we make about what we can or cannot know y What assumptions do we make about how we know and learn about the worldOntology asks questionwhat is nature of reality y Perspectives on reality o Realism universe uses properthis is a tableEverybody perceiving things in same ways o Relativism doctrine that all truths are within a particular domainie This considered a table a bed a fortcan take on different meanings Epistemology the study of knowledgehow do we know about the world y Observation experiential authority senses transfer of knowledgetradition passed on through generation media common sense personal experience science y Each way of knowing has advantages and disadvantages Positivist Epistemology y There is a knowable reality that exists independently of the research process y Researcher privileged as a value neutral knower y Researched are objects of inquiry y Assumes objectivity of reality and the researcher Interpretive Epistemology y social meaning is created during interaction HBL 15 y Social reality is relational and subjective and produced through the research process y Researcher and researched are collaborators in research y Reflexivity important tool within process o Reflexivityyou as researcher having awareness of own assumptions locationhas direct implications on researchMethodologythe study of how research should be done y Asks question how can we systematically investigate the world y Rationale and philosophical assumptions used in terms of the research y Bridge between theory and method
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