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GIG Guelph

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 3070
Jiji Varghese

January 17 2012Opening Quote y Paradigms or worldviews are neither right or wrong one way of seeing is another way of not seeing HBL49 Highlights of GIG Program 20072010 y GREEN INPACT GUELPH y Commumity engagement y Training and collaboration y Grassroots assistance GIG 20072008 y 16000 conservation kits distributed y potential water saving of 152 GL y potential electricity savings of 2047 GWhe GIG 20092010 y 1000 multi residential units audited y over 300000 m3yr in water savings y 133000kWhyr in electricity savingsy follow up research o 40 installed o great for general awareness but must work more with residence to get more participation y more single family homes in Guelph than multifamilyEfficient Home Visit and Retrofit Pilot Program y Assessments and retrofits in single family homes y 61 homes reached so far y overall savings o 860 m3yr water o 10 110 kWhyr electricity o 3 290 m3yr gas o 4100yr on utility bills y City of Guelph Union gas and Guelph Hydro participating y Targeted area for high per capita useageHanlon creek area y How do we engage ppl in ongoing relationship Research will help us understand thisPromotion and Outreach JanMar y Door to door canvassing y Mobile signs at strategic locations y Story of progress in newspaper y Prize incentive
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