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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 3240
Lisa Kowalchuk

A General Comparative Question on the Two Readings  What do these two articles have in common? And how are they different? o In common:  Both show/suggest that gender norms, particularly masculinity, can be changed  Both show that men need to be integrally involved in efforts to change gender norms  Both show that masculinity is linked to major social ills o Differences:  Two fundamentally different pathways to challenging and changing masculinities:  Deliberate efforts by GAD-planners (dev’t agencies) to challenge masculinity norms  Efforts by men to solve a problem they experience; undoing masculinity is not a goal, but a serendipitous outcome Two Different Pathways these readings illustrate  Program approaches to challenging masculinity o Informed by the understanding that masculinity has a role in some major social problem o Agencies are typically non-governmental  Can be domestic, or foreign o A variety of different approaches and techniques o Why men, and why young men, as the focus of projects, programs, and policies? (Particularly but not only in SSA)  Changing gender inequality needs men’s involvement  This is part of the “dual perspective”
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