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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 3240
Lisa Kowalchuk

SOAN 3240 November 13 , 2012 Mechanisms for incentivizing the schooling for girls: conditional cash transfers  “Oportunidades”, a conditional cash transfer (CCT) program in Mexico that Kristof and WuDunn (and many others) praise highly  Caroline Moser: triple role o Reproductive  Or reproductive labour  Any responsibilities entailed with raising the next generation o Productive  Anything that involves with income earning activities o Community management  Provision of items for collective consumption  Women from different households in a community pooling their labour  Lucissano, Lucy. 2004. “Mexico’s Progresa Program (1997 to 2000): An example of Neoliberal Poverty Alleviation Programs Concerned with Gender. Human Capital Development, Responsibility, and Choice.” Journal of Poverty o Neoliberal anti-poverty program: a “slash and target” approach o Lucissano’s methodology o 3 components of the program  Cash transfers for food purchase  Amounting to about $10 a month  Scholarships for schooling  Which would range from $10 to $50 a month per family  Higher for girls  Preventive health care o First component is conditioned on the last two components  Lucissano, “Mexico’s Progresa Program…” o The implicit and explicit intent of the program o What the program actually does:  Instrumentalizes women Micro-credit/micro-finance programs as income-centered “fix”  What are micro-credit and micro finance programs? o The key characteristics of micro-credit  Tend to be aimed mainly at women 
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