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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 3240
Lisa Kowalchuk

SOAN 3240 November 20 , 2012 Book Review  ASA style for citations  Mainly one citation per paragraph unless paragraph is longer  Do not need to cite outside of course material  What could a researcher do other than just simply studying their research participants while in the field? Might their be other modes of interaction; how he places himself in the research setting – develop friendship; close personal relationships with people; become intimate with one person; relationships he fills with other families; extends his friendship networks with families; researcher could be supportive  #6: if there is an armed conflict, there will be 2 or more parties; sometimes a third party  Section 2: o #1: describe 2 situations or examples; try to be wide ranging throughout the book o #2: Sandinista – FSLN o If we t
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