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University of Guelph
SOC 1100
Linda Gerber

Being Canadian III 10/1/2012 3:05:00 PM Political Socialization  A continuous lifelong process thorugh which political orientation and ideas are learned and obtained  Shaped by o 1. Family and peers o 2. Education o 3. The media o 4. The govt o Family Role models politically  How they participate  Interests  How they interpret our political role models and heroes  Children tend to vote following their parents Social attitudes and personality traits  Parents give these o How you imagine equality works o If your outgoing o If distrustful of authority politicians o Formed and found within the family What you expect out of life  Government role  What you were socialized towards Surroundings  Urban, rural, suburban  Shape your identity  The connections you make  What groups you identify with and a political subject Peers  Introduce you to politics outside your family  Encourage participation  Experiences can influence social traits, ideas of fairness, expectations Education  Political history  Consistent daily knowledge (cumulative)  A lot of people don’t understand how politics work  Don’t have strong attachments to political figures  We have a system of federalism o In different areas of our lives we have different levels of government responsible o Equals at the political table  lack a centralized framework for attaching Canadians to political symbols  education belongs to the provinces  education can be designed with political ideas in mind Mass Media  Both corporations organizing and generating the info and the mechanisms that enable the sharing of the info  Mass media tells us what to think about o Sets our agenda for public political agendas o Tells us what to think about o Shapes how we think about it  Media shows us stereotypes o Whos popular etc o It is anonymous  Shapes the information we get Economic filter  Media sources depend on advertising  Have to be popular en
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