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Eskimo Fight for Life - Tutorial 1

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SOC 1100
Linda Gerber

Eskimo Fight for Life - Applying the Sociological Perspectives The Eskimo people have built a small society from the many families that conjoin it. The society reveals a structural functional approach and symbolic-interaction approach. Since this society is small, based on close interaction and orderly tasks, it does not reveal a society based on social-conflict, as there is stability between the members. The traditional seal hunt of the Eskimo people reveals an organized society in which individuals are given specific tasks, which is a key aspect of a structural-functional society. There is social structure involved, as a “relatively stable pattern of social behaviour” (p. 14). This is evident from the stability and organization of tasks performed by all of the members. No one disagrees with their assigned tasks, as everyone knows that they play a part in this small society. For example, the men of this society hunt for seals, while the women tend to the nurturing the young. This society also involves social function, as “the consequences of any social pattern for the operation of a society as a whole.” (p. 14) Each individual in the group is assigned a given task and if the do not fulfill their task, then it results in consequences for society as a whole. This ordered society does not reveal a social-conflict approach, as this theory is classified “as an arena of inequality that generates conflict and change.” (p. 15) This Inuit encampment involves equality of men and women. Both genders are given designated jobs and equally receive food based on what part of the seal they get. The behavior exhibited by this society opposes that of the social-conflict approach, as “thi
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