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Lecture 8

SOC 1100 Lecture 8: Chapter 8 lecture

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SOC 1100
Deanna Behnke- Cook

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Chapter 8: Sexuality and Society Understanding Sexuality o Sexuality is not comply a matter of biology o it is constructed by society and is an important part of our everyday lives o We are often confused about it and we feel shame talking about it- even though we are obsessed about it o We have ideas about what is and what isn’t suppose to be. If we fall out of this margins we are seen as different or bad- so we life o It is cofounding because were obsessed about sexuality. It is extremely vulgar sexuality within the media o Being a sexual person is awesome Understanding Sexuality -It is everywhere- on campus in the workplace, in advertisement and in the mass meda -Although sex can produce mich pleasure it can often cause confusion and anxiety Sex: A biological Issue The biological Sex: A biological Issue: Intersexual people: or hermaphrodites; people whose bodies including genitals, have both male and female characteristics Transsexuals: people who feel they are one sex even though they are the other Sex: A cultural issue -Our biology does not dictate any specific ways of being sexual Cultural Variation -Showing affection -Sexual position and
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