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Lecture on Sexuality with clip-art and added notes from Gerber

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SOC 1100
Linda Gerber

Sexuality Sexuality Love Makes the World Go Round Cohort Experience o sex education (schools) - is it needed anymore? Peers can tell you things, the media educates people on sex, anything can be found on the internet, parents may educate students o birds and bees (parents/father/mother) - it was very much up to the family. Religious sects would not go near the topic. Schools would only go as far as biology. o mass media (teen magazines) o safe sex / birth control - people are not as careful about safe sex as they were 15 years ago? (possible) especially if the girls are on the pill o experience (abstinence) - is experimenting happening much earlier? Is the age in which kids are sexually active dropping? o talking about sex (peers/partners) - groups of peers did not even have discussions about sex. Parents especially found it awkward because “old people don’t have sex” Most Significant Source: Parent of same sex, opposite-sex, teachers, peers, or magazine and other media? CLASS SAYS: 51% says peers, 21% teachers, 15% opposite-sex parent, 11% magazines etc, 2% same-sex parent. Sex and Gender Sex and Gender o sex refers to the biological distinction between females aand males (organs, genes) *intersexual people have both male and female characteristics *transsexual people feel they are one sex though biologically they are the other (feel they are trapped in bodies of the wrong sex) o gender is a social construct by which culture guides the bbehaviour, beliefs and feelings of males and females o gender varies with cultural context The Sexual Revolution (60s a bit, 70s, 80s) People had a lot more privacy. o urbanization / freedom of association o urbanization / freedom of association •Kinsey Report – 1 serious scientific study of sexual behaviour Learned a lot of what happens physiologically - Discovered a tremendous amount of sexual behaviours that no one had ever heard of before. o “set off an international conversation” o baby boomers – “sex, drugs and rock and roll” – Woodstock – “if it feels good, do it” – sex not just for Woodstock – “if it feels good, do it” – sex not just for pprocreation - a lifestyle was born ( a little bit like Dead Heads) a rainy muddy weekend, a lot of “free love” - sex was recreation o BIRTH CONTROL (the pill) - Became absolutely necessary as a result of the sexual revolution - Women had control all of the sudden and no longer had to trust her sexual partner o the revolution changed the behaviour of women more than men o % or ppl with 2 or more sexual partners before age 20 increased slightly from 50% of men. Increased dramatically for women. *premarital sex – greater approval *males – fun standard *females – love standard *old double standard gone? It does
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