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Dirty Heads Video Summary

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SOC 1100
Linda Gerber

Dead Heads Video We view things through lenses that colour what we see Dead heads believe there are many interpretations of realityWhat separates deadhead from mainstreamWhy has it continued1 Grateful dead historical decisions theyve made contributed to loyalty of fans allowed taping keep in contact with concert experience play different music every night motivates people to go to more than 1 concert Developed symbols so dead heads could ID one another dancing bear tiedye skull etc Not just loyal to band and music but community theyve createdParking lot portable community Juggling riding horses poetry Frisbee drums wearing wacky clothesdead heads expect the unexpectedCorporate vendor dead head vendors and subsistence vendorfollow dead heads make enough money to do that Food clothes anything foundCamping gave people place to identify as home people had furniture in parking lot gave people a community resent authority figures Freedomorder drugs tendency to do things that are unusual changing in public mainstream might frown upon especially policeSkeleton crew go along parking lot discouraging the selling of alcohol nitrogen oxide fireworks near gastanks dangerous stuff etcnormsvalues of subculture Very corporative subculture obligation to share stuff people need Values freedom but im
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