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Lecture 16

SOC 1100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Dental Hygienist

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SOC 1100
Deanna Behnke- Cook

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Tutorial Assignment Video: Scenes from the Corner Store
Korean family who struggles to understand each other
Father keeps his distance from daughters
In Korean culture, the oldest sister needs to get married first or else its bad luck.
Marriage is a very big deal in their culture. Parents of the oldest daughter think she
should be learning how to cook. Her parents are against inter-racial couples.
Eldest daughter is afraid about if her parents could handle the fact that she is in an inter-
racial relationship
Middle child grew up in fear of her father…if he said no she accepted it. She went to u of
t. She feels morally obligated to make it up to her parents
Youngest child is not expected to work at the store.
Their parents are extremely over-protective.
Parents say that before they were married they never fell in love. They live together with
security and warmth and grow to love each other.
This specific couple came to Canada in 1988 for a better life.
Daughters are reminded of parents sacrifices as she works at the store….it gives her
ambition to study hard.
Working at store is very hard work, low income, long hours. The parents would never
want their children to have that job.
First child (oldest), became a dental hygienist. The father pressured his oldest daughter
a lot. She rebelled and lived a double life. When the pressure got to high…she ran away
for a year and a half.
Carolynn (oldest daughter) feels like she is a burden for her parents that her parents just
want to make sure she gets a well respected job and gets a husband.
Father plays gulf for fun.
Father thinks that daughter is to head strong and independent and thinks no man would
want to marry her bc men don’t like women who speak their mind.
Sense of obligation prevents daughters from rebelling because they want to repay their
parents for their sacrifice.
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