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Lecture 1

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SOC 1100
Deanna Behnke- Cook

Lecture 1 The Sociological PerspectiveThe Sociological PerspectiveSeeing the general in the particular Peter Berger coinedSociologists identify general social patterns in the behaviour of particular individualsSeeing the strange in the familiarGiving up the idea that human behaviour is simply a matter of what people decide to doUnderstanding that society shapes our livesSeeing Personal Choice in Social ContextThe power of society to shape even our most private choicesExample Durkheim on SuicideSuicide in a comparative perspectiveSeeing Sociologically Marginality and CrisisPeople at the margins of social life are aware of social patterns that others rarely think aboutPeriods of change or crisis encourage us to use the sociological perspectiveThe Importance of a Global Perspective 1 Where we live shapes the lives we lead 2 Societies throughout the world are increasingly interconnected 3 Many problems that we face in Canada are more serious elsewhere 4 Thinking globally helps us learn more about ourselvesApplying the Sociological PerspectiveSociology has played an important role in the development of Canadian Public PolicySociology can have an important role in our own Personal GrowthAssess common senseOpportunities and constraintsEmpowermentHelps us live in diversityCareers The Sociology AdvantageA background in sociology is excellent preparation for Teaching and doing researchDoctors nurses and techniciansCriminal justiceAdvertising banking business education government journalism law public relations and personnel managementThe Origins of SociologySocial change and Sociology
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