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The Eskimo Movie Notes

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SOC 1100
Deanna Behnke- Cook

The Eskimo Fight For Life Video Canada arcticThey have adapted to the harsh environment and weather 3040 degrees below 0Family sleeps together between caribou skins on a platform of snowEvery morning the men ready themselves for the seal hunt using their dog team which is essential for survival of the EskimoSeal blubber gets pounded into oilFlames are the only light in the IglooWinter is a social season with Igloos beside each other all the timeDogs sense of smell guides them to the seals beneath the ice than kept awayThe process of catching the seals can take several hoursThe mother teaches her older daughter how to perform tasks traditionsSeals are the only source of food for the Eskimos and one catch ensures source of survival for a couple of daysEskimo infants nursed until they are almost 3 years old first years of life spent
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