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Lecture 12

SOC 1500 Lecture 12: Class 12 SOC

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SOC 1500
Ryan Broll

Class 12 Social Exclusion and Crime: Minority Groups Police Street Checks (Carding) Police intelligence gathering policy that involves stopping, questioning, and documenting individuals Police perspective: proactive community engaged crime prevention Critics perspective: primarily targets black citizens, racial profiling Example: NYPD Police Street Checks and Race Wortley and OwusuBempah (2011) o Surveyed 1,522 metro Toronto residents who identified as black (n = 513), Chinese (n = 504), or white (n = 505) Is racial profiling perceived as a problem? Are police street checks free of racial bias? How are police stops interpreted? Is vicarious racial profiling common? Blacks are 3 times more likely to experience multiple police stops and are 3 times more likely to be searched during these stops o They are also more likely to interpret these stops as unfair Blacks are 6 times more likely to have friends of family members who were racially profiled
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