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Lecture 20

SOC 1500 Lecture 20: Class 20 – The Future of Criminal Justice in Canada

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SOC 1500
Ryan Broll

Class 20 The Future of Criminal Justice in Canada Four Approaches to Crime Control Conservative Approach o Relies on the criminal justice system to deter and incapacitate criminals through incarceration o Originates in belief that all humans possess the capacity for good and evil Liberal Approach o Focuses on alleviating social inequalities and providing legitimate opportunities for everyone o Originates in belief that humans are naturally and fundamentally good o Believes that individuals are fundamentally good Critical Approach o Addresses both conventional and not conventional crimes by attempting to eliminate structural inequalities that are the basis of capitalism o Aims to shift the focus away from the offender and to the social system Integrated Interdisciplinary Approach o Attempts to combine two or more complementary theories, and knowledge from at least two disciplinary perspectives, in order to produce theories of behaviour that can better serve as the foundation for intervention and prevention o Draw the strengths from multiple theories o Handles crime instead of solves it o Acknoldges crime is always going to be a problem how can we best solve it o Both nature and nuture
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