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Lecture 1

SOC 1500 Lecture 1: Criminal Justice-- lecture 1

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McMaster University
SOC 1500
Michelle Dumas

Thursday, September 10, 2015 SOC- Crime and Criminal Justice Lecture #1- Sept 10 - Instructor: Michelle Dumas — Office: MACK — 606, Email: [email protected] - Required Text: 1) Shmalllenger, Frank - Canadian Criminology Today, 2) Canadian Criminal Justice, Griffiths Curt _____________________________________________________________________ • Mild types of deviance- speeding, j-walking, tattoos, graffiti, smoking, theft, drugs • Medium types of deviance- Assault, auto theft, money laundering, stunt driving • Severe types of deviance- Murder, attempted murder, rape, sexual assault, terrorism Hagan’s Pyramid: - Consensus crimes- predatory crimes, harmful - Conflict Crimes - Disagreement if they're crimes, morality Cultural- Some places it is acceptable for some things to happen that are prohibited somewhere else Historical- Laws change overtime Contextual- depends on the situation or event Gender- views are different on girls that engage deviant activity 1 Thursday, September 10, 2015 Occupations: Criminologist - studies crime Criminalist- skilled investigator (scientist) Criminal justice professionals- work in systems (judge, lawyer) Criminal Justice System -institutions that work together to prevent crime Process: police —> court —> sentence —> prison Spending Justice System: Police: 61% Corrections: 22% Courts: 9% Legal Aid: 5% Prosecution: 3% Models of Criminal Justice 1. Crime control - rights and deterrence - protects community - punishment 2. Due Process - Rights and convictions - Corrections - Justice Legal Defintion Legal statute - components 2 Thursday, September 10, 2015 3 Forms of Law - civil - administrative - criminal • indictable offence - serious (max. life in prison) • summary offence - s
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