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Lecture 1

SOC 1500 Lecture 1: Crime Lectures 1-6

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University of Guelph
SOC 1500
Ryan Broll

Crime Lecture 1 Objectivist legalisticApproach Crime is against the law. recognize that some things cause harm but are not illegal. Focus on the rule breakers. What are the causes of criminal behaviour? Three types of Law 1. Administrative: Law public law ( state, government and individuals) labour laws, environmental laws, licenses Punishments for administrative law warnings fines 2. Civil Law: Form of private law Involves citizens, contracts, wills, realestate. Law suits, decisions in civil courts 3. Criminal Law:Another form of public law and governs relationships between individuals and the government. threats to social order crime to the person (homicide, sexual harassment) property crime (theft) Offences that are wrong, with no obvious victim. ( drug use) Canadian Criminal Law Accused person possessed: Actus reus: The evil act Crown has to show the person committed the crime.
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