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SOC 1500 Sept 27 2011 Lecture Note (F11)

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SOC 1500
Alexander Shvarts

SOC 1500 Tuesday, September 27, 2011 LECTURE 2: VICTIMOLOGY CONT. Schmalleger & Volk: Ch. 4, Hackler Ch. 12 Essay Assignment o 30% of final grade o Due November 3, 2011 o Essay Assignment #4, 5 o Intro, body (b-f), conclusion – 8 sections o Each section – what the theory says about the section and textual evidence Women as Victims o Single women with small children: poor economic circumstances put them at risk > rates of crimes for single mothers are increasing: ex. property crime… WHY? Living in poor economic circumstances o Welfare practices and punishment for welfare fraud – victimize women > greater chance of going to prison, ex. anchoring more money than they allow you to earn or going to school = “cheating on welfare” o Women – victimized by someone they know Canada’s Rape Legislation o Canadian rape legislation in 1983: prevented a victim’s history of sexual conduct from being used to discredit her testimony > disregards how promiscuous the victim’s past was o Supreme Court of Canada in 1991 – Parliament introduced Bill C-49: Onus now placed on the accused to show that he took “responsible steps” to determine that the woman was consenting > accused has to show that they did everything possible to make sure she was consenting o Darrach decision (2000): Supreme Court reinforced the point that the complaint’s prior sexual activity is private The Battered Woman Syndrome: The Lavallee Case o Lavallee Case (1987): Shooting of her partner was described as a desperate act of self-defence by a woman who sincerely believed she would be killed - Lavallee was acquitted > WINNIPEG 1987 – killed her partner and claimed he had been abusing her for quite some time previously Wife Assault and the Impact on Children o Women: many have experienced spousal abuse - more reporting domestic violence > approx. 29% of women have been abused by their spouse (almost 1/3 of women in Canada) o Sthere are more women reporting spousal abuse now because they know where the > shelters/organizations are o Battered women: face increased danger when they attempt to leave violent husbands o Witnessing violence against one’s mother in childhood: leads to an increased likelihood that children will use violence or be victims of vi
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