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Youth Crime

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SOC 1500
Karyn Freedman

Sociology 1500 Lecture 5 Youth Crime Common Beliefs 1. It is increasing dramatically 2. More serious violent crimes are being committed by youths 3. Youths are involved in crime at an earlier age 4. Youths receive lenient sentences 5. # of youths charged is increasing 6. Out of control youth population Youth Violent Crime Rates  Volume and severity have been declining  Every province has announced declining  Major assault and robberies  Declines in non violent offences Welfare Model Justice Model (Punishment or Vengeance) Based on protection and humanitarian Called for greater accountability of measures young offenders while offering certain legal rights Delinquency caused by forces acting on Based on Classical School Of Criminology and so limiting their personal responsibility Treatment programs to rehabilitate Determinate punishment to ensure based upon indeterminate sentencing justice is done and further delinquency deterred Youthful Offenders Act 1894  Parliament passed the 1 piece of federal legislation on juvenile delinquency.  Step toward formal state intervention and control of the delinquent youth. Juvenile Delinquents Act, 1908-1984  Youth in need or care and guidance  Informal court procedure
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