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Crime Lecture 2

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University of Guelph
SOC 1500
J.Bruce Morton

th Crime Lecture 2 January 17and 19th 2012Posting Example In the text on page 13 it points out an interesting statistic while 94 of youth crime reported in the press focused on youth violence according to crime statistics less than 25 of youth crime is violentWhat do you think of this misrepresentation Why does it occur What can be done if anything to create more accurate information in the news Active ReadingRead intro and concluding paragraphsUse a pencil margin comments questionsCircle conceptsquestion markUse afor points that challengedintrigued youPrereading questions from subheadingsAskanswer questionsActive ReadingGoal highlight the central arguments and conclusionsWhat is the article about the subjectWhat is the authors purposeargumentWhat is the method of data collection and analysis theoretical perspectiveWhat are the authors findings or conclusionPublic Confidence in Criminal Justice in Canada Article we readThis article reviews the empirical research on the public confidence in the criminal justice system in Canada and attempts to explain current trends No evaluation of overall state of public confidence Questions 1 How much confidence do Canadians express in their justice system2 How do levels of public confidence in Canada compare with other jurisdictions 3 How much variation in confidence levels exists across public institutionsbetween specific branches of the justice system 4 Is there any evidence that levels of public confidence in justice have declined recentlyPublic confidence important for the functioning of the justice systemReporting less likelyParticipation complainants witnesses jurors important for effective prosecution of accused wont carePromotes sense of belonging and cohesionRelevant argumentsPerceptions media drivenThe mission of the criminal justice system is not primarily to help crime victims but rather to promote public safety and impose appropriate punishments
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