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Lecture 4

Crime Week 4

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SOC 1500
J.Bruce Morton

Crime Week 4 Notes The Demonic Era criminal behaviours used to be blamed on a force of evil spiritsspirit possessions were seen to be a primary cause of much antisocial behavior Magna Carta Important historical document because it is the foundation of modern laws and procedures in English law and in places like Canada that were colonized by Britainguaranteed land rights to the barons made guarantees underthe law to freemen and protected religious rights and local customs the foundation of civil liberties in many countries around the worldenlightenment is when crime came to become understood in society Hobbes believed that it was unnatural for people to put themselves under the control of the state it is rational for people to do so social contractLocke believed people were born as blank slates nurture was not natureboth concerned with the relationship between the individual and societyThe Classical School of Criminology preoccupation with human capacity for rational thinkingBeccaria believed that punishment should be formulated for the purposes of deterrence to achieve this goal the punishment of criminals should be swift and certain the punishment should fit the crime efficient and fair juries should be made up of an equal combination of those
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