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SOC 1500
Mavis Morton

Tuesday Jan 24 2012SOC1500 Lecture 5Myth of the Liberal MediaThe Propaganda Model of News Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky have developed a comprehensive framework for understanding how the news is produced and in whose interests it works In this video they demolish one of the central tenets of our political culture the idea of the liberal media Instead they argue that the news media are so subordinated to corporate and conservative interests that their function can only be described as that of elite propagandathere all this information out there but only some of it gets throughits heavily inuenced by a series of institutional pressureskey question in any democracy is what makes it through the lters and what gets ltered outThe Ownership Filtermedia owners are much more conservative than most americansTCi controls a signicant share of the cable market power rests with the owners not the journalistsThe Advertising Filtermedia gets 100 of their funding from advertisersthe picture of the world that comes out is one that supports the needs and interests of the sellers and buyersadvertisers tell the media what they wantit is an unwritten rule that you will never discuss the process of buying carsTHe News Makers Filtersourcing media depend on a steady stream of news and theyve come to rely on powerful sources that will give them storiesif some source gives out news everyday and the source is credible so you can offer the news without worrying if its true or not its very economicalpresident supports volunteerism when in reality they are cutting welfare which will push many people into volunteerismThe News Shapers Filterswhos going to be the expertsconservatives have think tanks that ill provide the media with procorporate expertsthe people who come out on top in the studies of which experts get most quoted are right wingonly 75 came from liberal leftwingThe Flak FilterFlak is a lter that means negative feedbackit is important when it comes from important sources that can affect the medialibel suits is another important part of Flakthe other major kind of Flak is the organizations that have been organized to monitor and discipline the media on a continuous basesfunded by rightwing there are 3 kinds of akpressure from government corporations and corporate funded pressure groups
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