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SOC 1500
Mavis Morton

Thursday Jan 26 2012SOC1500 Lecture 6MediaNews ContentRandomit is common to make this argument which connects to fear of crimein addition to the fact that crime is random means that no one is samesuggests that we need to be fearful of the otherWhat is the content What kind of content does this literature say tends to be coming out in media on crimeWhats the message or values in the contentSources and Shapers of Crime NewsMediaGovernment sourcesState managerspoliticians law enforcement ofcialswhats the benet of having these people be the ones that get identied as the expertswho tends not to show up as the sourcesresearchers academics that are working in the areayou might think you would want to hear more from those that spend their time working on the issuewhy might not use those people as sourcesthey might not support the agendamay challenge some of the messages about the increased violence among young people or that there is no reason to be afraid of somethingCauses of CrimeIndividualsif were trying
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