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University of Guelph
SOC 1500
Mavis Morton

Tuesday Jan 31 2012SOC1500 Lecture 7Expected Learning OutcomesEmploy critical reection skills to identify and evaluate assumptions that inform our understanding of crime criminal behaviour and crime control policiesMake connections between theories of crime criminal justice policy and its implementationCreate and express relevant sociological connections between course readings lectures music other course material the criminal justice system community action and your worldDemonstrate initiative independence personalsocial responsibility respect academic integrity and accountabilityCEL AssignmentStep 1without contacting them Research a local or national organizationcommitteegroup whose mandate or focus of activities is related to the prevention of crime or directly assists informs educates victims offenders andor the public about crime or the Canadian criminal justice systemStep 2Think about a way you can make a contribution to a community organization and write up a 1 paragraph description of what you intend to do how and when Make sure this paragraph addresses the way in which it connects to the coursemakes a contribution Post this to the dropbox and send it via email or in person to your TA or Professor MortonStep 3Get written approval from your Teaching Assistant or Professor Morton BEFORE proceeding This could take the form of an email or could include a signature on the written paragraph with the date it was signed by one of usStep 4Once youve received approval work on your CEL project proposal contact your TA when you have completed the project or participated in the event Write a nal one paragraph reection about howwhy this effort on your part might or did benet the organizationhow it connects to a course conceptissuetopicExample1 Trick or Eat ProposalMeal Exchange is a nonprot student organization that is dedicated to providing everyone with a sufcient supply of food Since 2001 Meal Exchange has planned a Halloween event called Trick or Eat This is where youth go door to door dressed up in costumes and ask for food donations rather than the traditional candy treats This year I plan to participate in the Trick or Eat program and raise awareness of hunger problems within the city of Guelph while also receiving donations for the local food bank and having tons of fun This event can be connected to the SOC150001 curriculum because it helps to remove social strain and lessen the gap between the haves and
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