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Crime Lecture 4

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SOC 1500
J.Bruce Morton

Crime Lecture 4 January 31 2012Expected Learning OutcomesEmploy critical reflection skills to identify and evaluate assumptions that inform our understanding of crime criminal behaviour and crime control policiesMake connections between theories of crime criminal justice policy and its implementation Create and express relevant sociological connections between course readings lectures music other course material the criminal justice system community action and your world Demonstrate initiative independence personalsocial responsibility respect academic integrity and accountabilityCEL Assignment STEP 1Research a local or national organizationcommitteegroup without contacting them directly whose mandate or focus of activities is related to the prevention of crime or assists informs educates victims offenders andor the public about crime or the Canadian criminal justice systemSTEP 2 Think about a way you can make a contribution to a community organization and write up a 1 paragraph description of what you intend to do how and whenMake sure this paragraph addresses the way in which it connects to the coursemakes a contributionPost this to the dropbox and send it via Email or in person to your TA or Profess
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