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Lecture 5

Crime Week 5 Notes

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SOC 1500
J.Bruce Morton

Crime Week 5 Notes From Lombrosian Atavism to Modern Biocriminologyth New perspective during the 19 century conceived human behavior to be determined by forces beyond the control of the individualCrime was seen as behavior that could not be prevented by willpower The positivist school of thought distanced itself from classical thinking primarily because the latter was considered unscientific for being based on unsystematic observationThe positivist school believed in the unity of the scientific method Positivism the application of the scientific method to the study of the human conditionLombroso believes criminals are biological throwbacks or atavists causes of criminal behaivour are rooted in biological makeup and those individuals who display visible primitive apelike characteristics are specifically predisposed to cirmeLombroso believes criminals have a small sloping forehead with large protruding ears likely to have bumps on their head large eye sockets beady eyes strong jaw bushy eyebrows and high cheekbones therefore criminals were BORN not MADEfemales on crime argued that women criminals are essential super males perceived to have criminal qualities of man and worst characteristics of women characterized as short dark hair moles and masculine featuresProblems with Lombrosos theory bodily characteristics could have happened randomly advancements in genetic studies ruled out evolutionary throwbacks good possibilitiy that many of the physical attri
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