SOC 1500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Gentrification, Differential Association, Informal Social Control

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4 Apr 2012
October 11th 2011
Week 6 Social Structure Tuesday Lecture
Media Violence and Violent Behaviour
- Savage, Joanne. 2008 “The Role of Exposure to Media Violence in the Etiology
of Violent Behaviour: A Criminologist Weighs In
- Effects of media violence on highly aggressive behaviour has either not been
established or is very small
- Types of media that has the greatest effect is realistic violence news, sports
October 13th 2011
Week 6 Social Structure Thursday Lecture
Regent Park “Revitalization or Gentrification”
Jane/Finch Neighbourhood TO
- Shortage of settlement, language, employment services, public
transportation, schools overcrowded, no community centres. Racial tensions
grew with complex mosaic of immigrants (White, Haines, Eisler, 2004:70)
Merton’s Theory of Anomie
- Main predictor of crime is low socioeconomic status
Environmental Criminological Theory
- Defensible Space Oscar Newman
- Better designed projects within low and middle-income housing can lower
crime rates
- Increased levels of surveillance and space that discourages criminal activity
- E.G? Community gardens, individual planters on doorsteps,
Critique of Merton’s Theory
- Assumes everyone is committed to materialistic goals and ignores diversity
of cultural values
- Doesn’t tackle issues relating to the inequalities of the capitalist system
- Doesn’t explain, “stealing for the hell of it!”
o Crimes that are motivated beyond the economic and interest in trying
to attain a certain level of material success
- Dwells on lower-class crime and note on elite
- Doesn’t address violent crime
- Doesn’t explain low rates of female crime
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