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Lecture 7

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SOC 1500
J.Bruce Morton

thWeek 7Social Conflict TheoriesFebruary 28 2012Song for critical criminologyhttpwwwyoutubecomwatchvHYRGjMSUoU8MuseUprisingLegacy of Labelling TheorySocieites defintion of a behaviour at a given time and place that determines whether behaviour is acceptableReaction of society is a major element in determining criminality of a personLabelling perpetuates crime rather than reduces itA Class Divided rd Jane Elliots experiment on discrimination with 3 gradersIowa school teacher the day after Martin Luther King Jr murdered 1968Policy Implications of LabellingSocial Bonds TheoryHirschi Travis Hirschi 1969Through successful socialization a bond forms between individuals and social groupsFour components of social bond 1 Attachment 2 Commitment 3 Involvement 4 BeliefTheoretical CategoriesEmphasis on individualEmphasis on social structureEmphasis on social processEmphasis on social conflictTODAYConsensus vs Conflict TheoriesCONFLICT1 Society is composed of diverse social groups with different definitions of right and wrong 2 Conflict is a fundamental aspect of social life and different groups compete for power wealth etc 3 Laws are created by the powerful to protect their own interestsRadical criminologyRADICAL CRITICAL NEW MARXIST CRIMINOLOGY 1970sIan Taylor Paul WaltonJock YoungDrew on Marxist traditions in social and political thought as a way of explaining crime in a system predicated on class inequalities
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