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University of Guelph
SOC 2010
Scott Brandon

SOC 2010 LECTURE – OCTOBER 1ST Issues of Inequality continued … 10.) Is inequality on the rise in Canada?  More difficult to earn a living  Increase of the working poor  High unemployment rates  Regional differences o Ex. New Brunswick & Newfoundland  Rise of part-time/contract work o So the things we can see with this is the rise in the last couple of decades  Ex. 2011: 84% had part-time jobs o Individuals over the age of 40 with contracts 11.) Results of Material Inequality  Wage gaps  Less disposable income o Haves and have nots o Ex. going on vacation, having new upgrades or even buying things to indulge in o Bad for the economy because people are just buying necessities  Low school performance  High school dropout rates  Lack of post-secondary education o Creating barriers for careers  Perpetuation of inequality  Poor health o Ex. mental health issues  High issues of lower class having mental health issues  Jail 12.) Gender Inequality  Gender is a social construction = based on culture o Ex. types of jobs people have o Distributed by things like income, careers, etc  Expectations  But, labels are tied to women o Ex. women typically being servers in the food industries  Women are different o But they are the same  How are men used to subordinate women in society?  Common goals can be shared between men & women Alex Underbakke 1 | P a g e SOC 2010 LECTURE – OCTOBER 1ST Ethnicity & Race Relations: 1. What is Ethnicity?  Shared awareness based on culture o Shared awareness when it comes to your belonging  How people in an ethnic group share awareness o Tied to cultural features  Common ancestry o Where did your parents come from, your grandparents?  Common values & Language o Traditions  Ex. arranged marriages o When it comes to language …  What makes someone German? Well usually they speak or know German  Language becomes essential to the identity 2. What is race?  Inherited physical characteristics  Biological problems o Sorted by skin colour o Can
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