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Eigth Lecture - Oct 3rd 2013 Ethnicty and Race relations continued.docx

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University of Guelph
SOC 2010
Scott Brandon

1 SOC 2010 LECTURE #8 Ethnicity and Race Relations (continued) 8. The relationship between prejudice and discrimination  Act together or separately  Richard LaPiere study o Travel with a Chinese couple into restaurants and hotels in the 1930’s. o 6 months later, LaPiere asked if these same places would serve to Chinese couples, most of them said no.  Robert K. Merton study o Identifies a bunch of individuals who are level minded that have to discriminate because of business  Practice between people’s behaviour 9. Racism  Occurs when prejudice and discrimination happen on the basis of race o Not on gender or anything based on someone’s personality  Superiority of one group over the next  Racism & biology  Racism & ideology o Moral social superiority  Ex. politics  Often tied to stereotypes  Racism occurs on a number of levels 10. Forms of Racism  Individual o The sense that individuals are charged by certain forms of racism  Ex. a Landlord won’t rent to Russians because they are prejudice against that race, however they will rent to Italians because they are also Italian  Institutional: harder to detect o Could be harder to find because they don’t want to get caught o Stereotyping 11. Examples of Institutional (systemic) racism  Schools: zero tolerance o Creating different ways and terms (slangs) for being racial  Police: racial profiling o Target one group instead of the next  Media: TV shows and news accounts October 3, 2013 2 SOC 2010 LECTURE #8 12. Why does race matter? 
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