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SOC 2010
Scott Brandon

October 23 rd Soc 2010 Aboriginal issues 1. Introduction to terminology  Use of the word “Indian”  Use of the word “Native”  Can be used for empowerment o Canadian government referred to them as Indian (Indian Act) o Aboriginal = being the original people of the land o Different types of names we use to refer to them o Certain type of specific tribes (Mohawk, Mahti…) 2. “Indian” Becomes a legal status  Non-status vs status Indians  Alternative words: aboriginal, native, indigenous, first nations people o Belonging to a native tribe o Live on a reserve (or use to) o Legal Indian get special features from government o Can lost status for many reasons (marriage, moving off reserve) o Constitution act in 1982 used the term aboriginal to refer to the indigenous people in areas o First Nations = first people here in terms of Canadian heritage 3. Four categories of aboriginals in Canada  Metis = half native and half French  First nations  Non-status Indian/natives  Inuit o Metis only just this January got identification as Indians under law o A lot more people (metis) getting benefits o Tax exemption, fishing right and what not 4. Definition Problems  Inuit  Metis  First Nations (Status nations)  Non-status Indians : Bill c-31 o Many factors in order to become status Indian o Ancestry o Usually live northern o Inuit very distinct ancestry and looks o Metis (French term and mixed blood{Intermarriage}) o Metis = a person identifies themselves as metis is identified as a aboriginal Canadian o Their ancestry not just western but eastern land as well (converse of aboriginal people) o First nations is used to describe status natives o Different languages, history, writing systems o Up until certain point a white women could marry into native status but not the other way around (bias against native women) o Losing status = university degrees, living outside Canadian borders, becoming professionals, moving up local ladders 5. Problems with membership codes  First nations include o One parent descent
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