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SOC 2012: ETHNICITY AND RACE RELATIONS 12.Gender Inequality  Gender is a social construction o Conflict in society in terms of gender and trans gender  But labels are tied to women  Women are different o General well being of female and male citizens o Women generally live longer then men.  But they are the same 1. What is Ethnicity? o People say they are Jewish (that is different because it is a religion) o Based on shared cultural experiences. o 100s ethnic group in Canada…a while variety of groups living in this country o Ethnicity shared this common ancestry (came from Afghanistan there is once point when they came to Canada … historical roots who are we? o Shared norms, traditions and values (arranged marriages, food) o Tim Horton’s for example “double double” is strictly a Canadian thing.  Shared awareness based on culture o Differential treatment based on ethnicity. o Language (downtown Toronto you can hear 40 different languages)  Language is one of the essential parts of ethnicity and studying ethnicity.  Shared culture, language of being part of a certain group...common shared awareness o Shared awareness of what is right and wrong  Common ancestry  Common values and language 2.What is Race?  Inherited physical characteristics o Physical traits that make you part of a race )hair skin colour) this is based in biology  Biology: problems o We all share most of our genes no matter what our race is o “Biology matters “ (slaves. .. Holocaust) o biology is not clear cut (we have mixed marriages )  Sociology: race as a construct o Categories are based on colonialism  Social labels people have based upon race  Creates system where one group of people become better or more “dominant” than another.  Example: being “white” o Labels (black, white, American , Canadian) o Biology matters in identifying characteristics and features  Labels carry cultural meanings 3. Minority Groups  Are often singled out for unequal treatment o Dominant group and minority group o
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