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SOC 2010
Scott Brandon

September 25, 2012. Issues of Inequality 1. We rank people based on a number of features • These are used to sort people • Examples: appearance (we rank people based on how they look, if they have a job, looking for wedding bands). Rank people socially. How much money they make. • Someone who is a high school drop out has a lower social status compared to someone who has a BA. Education and income level - Social status. • Dominant groups define what is important • Children whose parents immigrate to Canada, even though their children are born in Canada they may experience the same type of inequality that their parents faced. • Social stratification: patterns of inequality. • Race, religion, ethnicity, gender. • Stratification is a way to describe the social ladder - what are the various ways we can describe inequality. 2. The face of inequality • Media • “New” indicators of stratification • Grades can be bought from some private schools. Students like these are beating out students that do try. Can beat someone who legitimately went through high school. • Youth unemployment is high, but we are also seeing a lot more older people who are unemployed, and are also unemployed for a long time. • Stratification occurs based on various factors. • Massive inequality between the rich and the poor. Major CEO’s earn more in a week than the average person makes in a year. • Income. Education, career (truck driver is not a bad job, but they have less social status than say a Dentist), ethnic status, gender, regionalism (regional inequality). • Someone who is lower on the stratification system has lower power, lower education, lower prestige. • FORM - Family. Occupation. Recreation. Money (not necessarily talking directly about money, but showing off things that money may have gotten them). 3. Problems with Inequa
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