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SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

January 14, 2013 SOCIAL DEVIANCE Erikson Deviance and Boundary Maintenance for Communities Communities are Boundary Maintaining - geographical space, cultural space - every community occupies a specific space in the world, which marks it as a special place - a community maintains boundaries as its members tend to confine and limit themselves to a certain range of conduct and behaviour - human communities maintain boundaries for the following reasons: o to retain a given pattern of consistent activity and behaviour o to make a possible a degree of stability o to retain cultural integrity Marking and Publicizing Boundaries - how do people learn about boundaries? - The networks of social interaction and relationships between members - The person labelled as deviants one whose activities have moved outside the margins of the group - The most critical for publicizing boundaries are those which take place between deviant persons and official agents of the community including: o Criminal trials and punishment o Psychiatric determinations of sanity - Erikson states the newspapers and radio and television offer much of the same kind of entertainment as public hangings Communities Promote Deviance Boundaries are not Fixed and Constant - over time there are changes in group structure and leadership - changes in the surrounding environment Deviance Serves a Positive Function for Community - provides the community with the opportunity to restate the group’s boundaries - arks the outer edges of groups life and gives the inner structure its special character - helps develop an orderly sense of cultural identity - deviance affirms cultural values and norms - responding to deviance classifies moral boundaries and promotes social unity - deviance encourages social change - communities tend to draw the line Culture of Voyeurism - history of voyeurism in the media - technology has completely refdefined voyeurism - social voyeurism – finding enjoyment, pleasure or satisfaction in watching other people’s ‘private’ lives Reality TV - earliest reality TV – Candid Camera (first to take on this reality based format) - future programs will be more shocking, graphic, voyeuristic as demands are placed on the networks by viewers who require more stimulation - has expanding technology motivated us to become voyeuristic or simply made our voyeuristic nature more acceptable? - Do reality TV shows serve a positive function? - Reaffirm our normative values? - Therapeutic? - Public involvement in these programs - Glamourize the outlandish Voyeurism and the Internet - cooper – fascinated by the details of other people’s lives - is this heightened internet in voyeurism a consequence of disconnected lives in face to face interaction? - Intimacy? - Information overload Online Behaviour and Presentation of Self (Impression Management) - Van Wyck (2010) researched online behaviours of university aged students - Research attempted to understand the ways in which FB users attempt to represent themselves - Attempt to ensure a Good Impression Online - Concern about inaccurate or incomplete impressions - Audience segregation - Projecting identity - Showing vs. telling - Potential romantic relationships Gender Differences - men were less likely to be aware of their engagement in impression management - women more concerned with impressions others from of then, more photos, more creeping Social Networking Sites and Online Gaming - relationship between online and offline social activity - the immersion of internet and technology based communication - negative effect argument 0 negative effect on face to face communication and engagement - New Opportunities Argument – individuals connect and acquire social capital - Integration Argument – extension of offline activity - Community – collection of socialities which provide individuals with access to social resources - Bourdieu – social capital – using social networks to access social resources Social Networking Sites - how are place using SNS, why and what impact are they having on individuals ,
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