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Linda Hunter

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March 25, 2013 – SOC2070 B.J. Caldwell – HIV Prevention/HIV Stigma - HIV/STI Prevention and Outreach Educator, AIDS Committee of Guelph Agenda - brief overview of transmission - HIV Stigma and Vulnerability o Focus on injection drug use - Local Harm Reduction Programs (IDU-based) HIB Transmission (Sexual) - not as easy as most people think - even without condoms, it does not transmit 100% of the time (not even close) - only 5 common body fluids can transmit HIV o blood o semen o rectal fluids o vaginal fluids o breast milk - saliva CANNOT transmit HIV HIV Transmission (Sexual) - many factors affect the likelihood of transmission: o the HIV + persons viral load (high viral load, more likely to transmit; undetectable viral load, very unlikely) o whether either person has a current STI other than AIDS (even without symptoms) – it puts you at a greater risk! o the integrity of the mucosal membrane (especially vaginal walls/cervix and rectal walls) o consistent and proper use of condoms/lube make transmission exceedingly rare, if not impossible o GETTING AIDS IS NOT ALL THAT INFECTIOUS – THAT’S THE BIG STIGMA! PEOPLE THINK IT’S SO EASY TO GET, IT’S NOT! - up to 85% of women with chlamydia have NO symptoms (and about half of guys have no symptoms! In other words... get tested regularly!) - don’t use Trojan condoms – something about spermicide in the Trojan! - Lube – use KY not the ‘mustard packet’ shit… it’s a ‘whole different experience’…….. buddy recommended this one as his favourite.. awkward turtle HIV Stigma in Canada - 1 in 10 Canadians believe HIV can be acquired by kissing, mosquitoes, sneeze/cough, fountains/toilets - Canadians increasingly likely to believe that HIV can be diagnosed by a physical exam (17% vs 8%) - 88% rate their own personal risk as low March 25, 2013 – SOC2070 - 1/3 of Canadians report EVER having been tested for HIV - 40% believe that people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) should NOT be allowed to be hairstylists; 2/3 believe that PHAs should NOT be allowed to be dentists - ¼ would be uncomfortable working in an office with a PHA or shopping at a neighbourhood grocery store if the owner were HIV+ - 50% would feel uncomfortable sharing a drinking glass with a PHA - 26% would feel uncomfortable wearing a sweater once worn by a PHA - only 48% believe that PHAs have the right to be sexually active - people Why is HIV/AIDs stigmatized?
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