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Lecture 19

SOC 2070 Lecture 19: Soc2070-april4 revie

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SOC 2070
Patrick Parnaby

Soc2070 April 4th Subjective – they believe deviance is social constract, literally created by people, we make up classifications and definitions this is deviant and not that. Why conflict theory? Post modernism- in the book – form of subjective orientation of deviance Deviance is defined by those who has power, defining what is acceptable and they do it in ways that protect their best interest – conflict theory, Marxist? (they are upset how lower class is treated by upper class, crimes weren’t just upper to lower but lower victimizing lower too) Macro sociologist- ventage point, human social interaction sociologists look at, what do people say, how do they make sense of their life, most of labelling theory is macro oriented, techniques of neutralization, focus is on communication in small groups Social system, inbalance between means and goals, 4 modes of adaptation Kids w weaker bonds engage in deviance or kids get weaker bonds cuz they are engaged in deviance. Symbolic control - Tattoos are symbols, birth mark if you worr
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