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SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

Guest speaker on Pseudo Sciencethese belief systems often satisfy motives the ability to understand predict and control the world around us and anything that allows us to get a handle on our lives Social ability Affiliative motivethey put a transcript of what this ghost is allegedly saying A lot of psychological research shows that these subtitles can influence individuals another one bites the dust its fun to smoke marijuanasubjective expectations drive perspectives science should not be like thisCognitive DevianceCognitive DevianceWhen we labelreject others for their beliefsthose who question or leave a religion heretics and apostates ie Ayaan Hirsi Ali received death threats forcriticizing and leaving Islam Creationism in science atheism in politicsantisemitism other forms of racismconspiracy theoristsparanormalpseudoscience Types of Reactionsinformal social rejection get called names Uncle Tom uncle toms or oreos purging ie from Communist parties made a nonperson People in a fine organization Particular to religious excommunication forbidding other people to talk to them make the person virtually non existent by telling people to update the encyclopedia if you dont do this something bad will happen to you stallen had a picture of him and his best buddies but throughout the years they were taken out and he was instead placing his arm around a pot P blacklisted occupationalshunning ie Jehovah Witnesses forbid the members to even talk to that person again even family members When you leave JW nobody can talk to you againexcommunication Catholic Churchfatwa and death threat Islamcensorship or denial of entrance visa political happens to holocoust survivors wanting to get into canadafunding withdrawn tenure denied academiatenure can be denied Reasons for this varyCognitive Deviance and Mental Illnessit is so tempting to think people who think differently from us are crazythere is in practice some overlap between the two categories as many mentally ill have strange ideas
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