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unit 2

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Norman Dubeski

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September 192011Deviance Unit 2Two Approaches Social constructionist we believe in it so it becomes trueo Emphasises the belief in reality rather than reality itselfo Ex gender it is socially constructedo Extreme social constructionists believe reality can be whatever we make it If what makes people attractive or gendered varies from culture to culture then lets believe it is arbitrarytho Social constructionisms influence increased in the mid 20 century but essentialism has comebacko Useful to show how labels can be changedEssentialist it exists so we believe in it necessary for positivismo There must actually be something there before we label ito Ex sexo There is no realxthat is manifested differently depending on circumstances such as culture and individualso Whether it is mental illness homosexuality psychoactive drug use rape or deformityy This leads to problems of interpretation what about prison rape Is it a manifestation of homosexuality Why is it that the rapists do not get called homosexual but the victim doesy Would say that your leg is either broken or not youre either pregnant or youre not Youre either dead or alivestThe debate in regards to sex is often nature vs nurture in 21 century thinking Neither can be disregarded Ex the boy without a penis Sexual identity isnt just a label or choice People used to think that in part due to influence of Freud who thought all babies were born mentally bisexual and then shaped by their genitalia and socializationToday homosexual rights advocates are now firmly in essentialist camp People dont have a choice of being gay bisexual or straight In the 1960s there was more of a social constructionist belief about homosexuality people thought people had a choice of being gay or not Positivist vs Social ConstructionistPositive approach asks why do they do it Why do people engage in deviant behaviouro Natural science approacho Treats people as products of their external influences ex age height class sex etc Looks at all sorts of variables as having an effect on what you do
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