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unit 3

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University of Guelph
SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

thSeptember 28 2011 Social Deviance Unit 3 Constructionist Perspectives of Deviant Social Constructionism o If we agree that society is socially constructed we can still disagree what this means o Taken to extremes it would reject biology and moral absolutes embracing moral relativism and imply that society can be whatever you want it to be o To say that humans make society does not mean that humans can make society whatever they wish o Biology and morality are still important Defining Deviancy Up o If you make something deviant you must take something else from deviant to not deviant o As many harmful things become normalized other things harmful and harmless become deviant o An attack on the traditional family to facilitate ideological interests ie radical feminism the victim industry o Virtual witchhunts such as for child abuse and fear of strangers abusing children evidence suggests it is stable or down yet accusations are rampant y Abductions and rapes usually happen by people that someone the victim knows o Radical feminists seek to refine define rape to increase numbers not because they wish all heterosexual activity to be s
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