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cognitive deviance

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SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

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November 212011 Cognitive Devianceo When we label and reject others for their beliefso Those who question or leave a religion heretics and apostates ex ayaan Hirsi Ali received death threats for criticizing and leaving Islamo Creationism in science atheism in politics People wont trust you as a scientist or teachero AntiSemitism other forms of racismy Blaming everything on the Jews Saying the Holocaust didnt happeno Conspiracy theories ex fake moon landing government creating crack 911 etco Paranormal and pseudoscience rejected by the medical professionTypes of Reactionso Informal social rejection name callingo Purging political parties mostly especially the communist partyy Make you a nonperson erase you from encyclopaedias make it look like you never existedo Blacklisted occupational no one wants to hire youo Shunning similar to purging but instead you just ignore the person refuse to talk to them dont acknowledge the persono Censorship or denial of entrance visa politicaly People of a particular political persuasion may be denied entrance so they cant share their viewso Funding withdrawn tenure denied academic y If you come out with a view that people dont accept or that contradicts everything that was previously believedSocial Bias of Belief Systemso People hold beliefs for causes other than rational often lacking logical proof or evidenceo People look for evidence to support rather than prove their beliefso Some fabricate evidenceo Karl Marx materialisteconomic determinismy Class struggle y Only looked at negative aspects of classo Max Weber elective affinity of ideas and groupsy Ideas and economics affect each other but it doesnt necessarily determine your belief systemsy If you have a certain belief system you may end up in a certain occupationo Identity needs common today sense of superiority or acceptance or a rationalization of their position
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