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sexual deviance

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SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

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November 142011Social Deviance Sexual DevianceOur perspective is subjective relative to place and time We all think were more enlightened about sex than preceding generationso Premarital sex is now common but there is still a double standardo Students talk about hooking up instead of one night stands not love affair but booty callo Virginity and chastity has become a stigma for many it is nothing a quality that is desirable or admirable anyoneHomosexualityo In the old testament it was punished by deatho It has gradually gained acceptancey Legalized in Canada in 1968 y Legalized across USA in 2003 but some states still had antisodomy laws legal definition of sodomy included touching anus with penis or tongue touching penis or vagina with mouth or breasts touching breasts with moutho Oven married couples could be jailed for oral sex under sodomy laws of 10 or 11 stateso Until around 1972 homosexuality was considered a mental illness moral perversion o People thought you could change peoples orientations some people still think it can be changed through therapyo Allowed to openly serve in the Canadian military in 1992 in the USA 2011o Gay marriage legalized in Canada in 2003 and in 6 states in 2004o There is still informal discrimination for it often becomes a persons master statuso We say we accept gays because they were born that way but being born a certain way doesnt always guarantee rights ex Jews blacks natives women etco Male homosexuality punishable by death in countries with Islamic law Iran Saudi ArabiaBareback sex bug chasers and the gift of deatho The practise of safe sex among gay men increased and then plateaued and decreased a bito Some gay men see safe sex as restricting their life styleo Many practise unsafe sex for excitement and risko Getting AIDS may incur a stigma but to some it reaffirms their identityo AIDS education will never get everyone to practise safe sex it may even turn some off of itNumbers o Kinsey claimed that 10 of those he interviewed had homosexual behavior but his study was not random He mostly surveyed exinstitutionalized peopleo 1994 Sex in America study found in a large random survey that most people in America were very conventional
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