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organizational deviance

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University of Guelph
SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

November 22011Social Deviance Organizational DevianceDeviance that is only possible by individuals being in an organizationo Examplesy Police brutality y Embezzlement white collar crime but not organizational deviance in all cases weak exampley Overcharging white collar crime and organizational devianceo Sutherland in 1939 proposed the study of corporate crime using differential association but real causes are not individuals but the whole organizationo Crimes that require the actual organization to be committedTwo Main Processes1 Individual misusing position in organization abuse of trust or power2 Collective group acting together for the organization and themselves togetherNot theft taking home office supplies sexual assault smoking at workYes embezzlement all cover ups sexual harassment of subordinates police torture bribery corporate fraud safety violations racial profilingCorporate Crimeo Benefits the corporate directly and the peopleo Crime by CEOso ENRON CEOs created imaginary profits The stocks boomed then the CEOs sold stock fell company bankrupted and all the pensions became worthlessy This was fraudo Halliburton illegal trade with embargoed country bribery of officials charging for work never done price fixing serving rotten food to troopso Others tobacco companies denying they knew smoking caused cancer while marketing kiddie packsy Knew for decades that smoking causes cancer but denied this and said that there was no proof that it dido Often do not feel guilt yjust feel bad when they get caughty They may feel entitled to do it or that the laws are stupidy Business people dont see price fixing as bado Corporate crimes cost tens of billions of dollars
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