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Lecture Adler

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SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

thMonday 9Adler Intro to Part 1 115IntroductionDefining DevianceAdlerAdler Part I Why Study Deviance o Career plans that include law o Special affinity or closeness to the subject matter o It is a different and fascinating area to studyI Three Perspectives on Defining Devianceo Absolutist Perspective o Social Constructionist Approacho Social Power Perspective A Absolutist Perspectiveo Assumes widespread consensus over definitions of deviance o Durkheim social laws reflect objective facts collective consciousness o Universal taboos against murder incest lying etc often cited as evidence o Proponents often view deviance as bad and destructive of social order requiring stern punitive measures law and order o Example campaign against gay marriage reflects natural beliefs about norms o Absolutist elements incorporated into functionalist theories of deviance in view that deviance is pathological or a disease and negative in its effectB Social Constructionist Approacho Focus on the norms that bind and define deviance rather than on the deviant act itself o A subjectivist approach to defining deviance guided by belief that social meanings and values and norms in everyday life situations are often uncertain o Social constructionists study the way norms are created the people who create them the conditions under which they arise and their consequences for different groups in society o Different definitions of deviance come about in different eras and locations leading to significant constructions and reconstructions of deviance o Relativist perspective belongs within constructionism deviance lodged in the eye of the beholder rather than the act itself o Becker 1963 9 articulates relativist position Social groups create deviance by making the rules whose infraction constitutes
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