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Lecture 3

Week 3 Pt 1

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SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

rdWEEK 3 January 23 Lecture Part 1Explaining Deviance Sociological Theories of DevianceTheories of Deviance An Introduction Explaining Deviance The Act Positivist Theories y Functionalist Theories y Anomie Theoryy Strain Theory y Differential Opportunity Theoryy General Strain Theory y Status Frustration TheoryLearning Theories y Differential Association Theory y Neutralization Theory y Social Learning TheorySocial Control Theories y Social Bonds Theory y General Theory of CrimeFunctionalism The Normal and the PathologicalSocial Structure and Anomie Strain Theory Differential Association Control TheoryAdler discusses PerspectivesThe Biological and Psychological PerspectiveThe Structural PerspectiveThe Cultural PerspectiveThe Interactionist PerspectiveWe will discuss throughout the class various theories that fit into these different perspectives theories explained in Adler and Bereska textsChapter 2Explaining Deviance The Act TheoryPracticeThere is nothing more practical than a good theory Leonid Ilyich BreshnevHow is theory practical o It helps us understand things Theorizing Deviance th Early 20 centurybiological theories of crime th Mid20 centurysocial theories of criminal and noncriminal deviance Theories of DevianceThe sociology of deviance utilizes o General sociological theories eg conflict o Specifically criminological theories eg strain
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