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Lecture 4

Week 4 Pt 1

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SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

thSOC 2070 Week 4 Lecture Jan 30 Explaining Deviance The Perception Reaction and Power Sociological Theories of Deviance Interpretive Theories o Symbolic Interactionism o Labeling and StigmatizationCritical Theories o Conflict Theories o Power Reflexive Theories o Feminist Theories o Postmodern TheoriesThe Constructionist StanceRelativism LabelingAgainst Relativism A Harm Based Conception of DevianceSocial Power Conflict TheoryFeminist TheoryChapter 3 Explaining Deviance The Perception Reaction and PowerThere are no moral phenomenon sic at all but only a moral interpretation of phenomena Friedrich NietzscheInterpretiveCritical TheoriesObjective positivist theories Subjective InterpretiveCritical theoriesDo not focus on the actInstead they focus on o Perceptions of the act o Reactions to the act o Influence of power in perceptionsreactionsInterpretive theories emphasize o Social interaction o Meanings understandings interpretationsemphasize how ppl develop understandings of the world around themCritical theories emphasize o Emancipatory foundation praxis o Power relations A combination of several interpretive and critical theories is associated with the contextual social constructionism that informs more subjective understandings of deviancelabeling theory and conflict theory combined make upBest The Constructionist StanceI The Emergence of Constructionism Roots in Two Developments A Berger and Luckmanns 1966 work on the sociology of knowledge
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