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Lecture 4

Week 4 Pt 2

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SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

Critical TheoriesConflict theories powerreflexive theories feminist theories postmodern theories Critical Theories Conflict TheoriesShared assumptions o Social rules emerge from conflictserve the interests of the powerful o The powerful are less likely to break the rules o The powerless are more likely to break the rulesMarxist theory o Bourgeoisie exploit the proletariatInstrumental Marxism o Social rules protect capitalistsStructural Marxism o Social rules protect capitalism Conflict TheoriesPluralist conflict theory o Multiple axes of inequality eg race sexCulture conflict theory o Dominant culture imposes its normsGroup conflict theory o Attempt to gain support of authoritiesWithin a democracy the powerful cannot simply coerce the powerlessMust convince the powerless that the rules are logical o Ideology o Hegemony o False consciousnessQuinney Conflict Theory of CrimeView of society as pluralistic heterogeneous and conflicting Structural conflict of interest with each otherCrime exists because some behaviours conflict with the interests of the dominant classI The Official Definition of CrimeCrime as a legal definition of human conduct is created by agents of the dominant class in a politically organized societyCrime is a judgment made by some about the actions and characteristics of others II Formulating Definitions of CrimeDefinitions of crime are formulated according to the interests of those who have the power to translate their interests into public policyDefinitions of crime in a society change as the interests of the dominant class change III Applying Definitions of Crime
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