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SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

Alan Strong -1 in 20 people will be diagnosed with a mental illness and very few people discuss it with people outside of the home. -Mental illnesses are often considered deviant and outside of the normal. (What is normal?). Mental illnesses also are considered to have a lot of baggage. -Self Help Alliance-All have been in the system for mental health issues -Alan’s first introduction to the mental health system was his mother who saw angel wars in the streets. She was in and out of hospital for years and often thought she was Jesus. -Alan was first hospitalized 16-17 yrs ago and was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 (Bipolar one is highs and lows and two is just lows). Over 6-8 weeks he slept for 1 hr per night and was acutely depressed (stopped functioning). He has been in hospital 4 times and attempted suicide. -Depressed NOT stupid-We often see people through the lens of the label. -Goffman and spoiled identity-accept the labels and internalizes the limitations and become the illness. -The biggest challenge is the stigmatization and discrimination of people with a mental illness -Portrayal of mentally ill in media is associated with violence, fear, attacks etc. And the primary source of info on mental illness is the media. However, the vast majority of crimes are non- mentally ill and the mentally ill are often victims of crimes. -Elizabeth Whitmer said the new mental health act will help people get the care they need and deserve and keep our communities safe. Continuing stereotypes. -40% people who could and should receive care are not. -We have a perception that mental illness is an attitude problem. -Medication has its problems (weight gain, develop diabetes, living in poverty) but is good. -The attitudes around diagnosis cause more issues than the diagnosis itself. -Oral Roberts?-Televangalist-On TV said God would call him home if he did not get a million dollars for his university. He got the money and was not considered mentally ill. How can he say this and others can’t? Context? -Are people with mental illnesses deviant? Behaviour can be outside of the normal yes but then who determines what is normal. -Psychiatry is the only profession that relies on observed and reported behaviour to apply a label
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