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University of Guelph
SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

Heather Kerr Horses -Horses are good for therapy; they are good at sensing everything around them such as knowing if a lion is full or hungry. -Barriers between the therapist and client can be removed with a horse because personality issues are removed. Clients can make great progress within 10 sessions with a horse. -Over half of the beds at the clinic are for federal and provincial correctional clients (23 beds) -Federal Correctional contracts: Women offender substance abuse program, Sexual abuse individual therapy program. -Some involvement with halfway houses. Two tales of a woman -Sociology takes a back seat to security. -Security tells her that a lady was lying in front of the street to stop a portable (social isolation unit) from coming into the prison. Perspective that she is just being difficult. -Psychologist says she has DID from abusive relationships and she was just trying to be fun and rebellious. -Heather found out after talking to her that when she was bad as a child she would be put in a woodshed and sexually abused. Known that the portable to her represented the woodshed. Told her that she understood and made a contract of what would happen if she ever needed to go into social isolation. Federal Penitentiaries -Serving more than 2yrs is federal. -Milhaven, Maplehurst (provincial) or Beavercreek. -Tells how violent they are based on where they are (location). -Beavercreek-Behaviour is better -Security level affects clothing, family visits, programs etc -Orange bay-Blue Jumpsuit -Maplehurst-Orange jumpsuit Provincial -“Holding tanks” (detention centers) -Max security-Maplehurst -OZ-Modern institution, everything is glass, no concrete, American. -Maplehurst-American architect, lack of human contact, line on the floor, prisoners cannot cross the line or tap on the glas
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