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Second Lecture and Textbook

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

January 122012Food and the AgroIndustrial Complex in Canada prologue to bookFooddiet in Paleolithic and Neolithic Times Paleolithic up to last ice age lower paleolithic was earliest humankind and emergence of handax industries Middle had Neanderthal humans upper had only modern homosapiens paleolithic diets intense debate about what the diets were like they vary according to environment wide variety of plant and animal proteindiets humans evolved to thrive on no dairy no grains at the time details about health and what they are able to physically accomplishtime span was 8000150200 years before present much longer if we consider early human species 2 million years paleolithic communities were largely unstratified not a long time span since we have domesticated plants and animalsNeolithic Time new stone age farm animals first domesticated and agriculture was introduced ththbegan in near east in 8 millennium and spread to Europe by 4 millennium Early Agrarian dietary regime change in content of diets few grains and some animals domesticated wheat oat barley rice old world maizecorn new worldother than this there was not a large amo
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