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Lecture Jan.24

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

January 24 2012Shift of Agrarian Protest to the West Prairie Populism populism a core phenomenon of Canadian political life both historically and today mixes core political ideologies of socialism liberalism conservatism opposition to elites political andor economic advocates more power to the people the producers of society people who worked with their hands ie farmers industrial workers etcpopulism tends to borrow from traditions crisis in grain handling 190102 had only 1 or 2 firms to deal with and those firms had the upper hand could decide what they wanted to pay etc EA Partridge the spark of Western protest Partridge initiated Territorial Grain Crowers Assoc tried to organize farmers to address collusion of the grain handlers that was such a problemsuccess in amending Manitoba Grain Act first major success agree in principle to establish line ofhad public enterprises that were nonprofit so people werent being grain elevators as a public utilitytaken for granted however government didnt follow through Widening the Agrarian InfluencePartridge proposed cooperative selling enterprisesagrarian newspaper farmers newspaper Grain Growers Guide Why significant creat
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